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I can order these tests to be done by outside labs:


*Blood, urine analysis with Tricore and SED labs

* Radiology





-MRI and Ct scans upon insurance approvals

*In the comfort of your home: these tests have to be sent to  specific labs. These tests are not covered by health insurances. Patients get a discount through Dr. Renard.

-Dry urine testing for Iodine need

-Hair analysis for heavy metals

-Saliva hormone testing for men and women

*In Dr. Renard's clinic:

-Muscle testing

-Blood pressure

-Oxygen testing

-Liquid zinc testing

-CASP testing,  This is a non invasive cardiac pulse wave test, which is 99.6% accurate and only takes a few minutes. It will detect the condition of your cardio vascular system. Cardio vascular disease is reversible. We have the tools, (by appointment only)


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