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Dr Renard,

This past year and a half with you has been a remarkable experience.

I found through your care and expertise that you have guided me in so many ways that resulted in such significant improvements in my life.

Your practice and knowledge of acupuncture, supplements and suggestions of new food combinations, brought me much needed relief this year in my anxiety, circulation, menopause and digestive issues that I’ve had for many years. It also sure feels great to finally be able to sleep through the night.

Throughout my life I have taken a proactive and disciplined role in my health. However, like many people brought up in American cities I was raised with a Western medicine orientation and to a lesser extent a Western diet. I appreciate your sharing with me new points of view, good practices and an overall holistic approach that furthers my abilities to improve my well-being.

I am fortunate you could schedule in-depth blood tests to help assess my cholesterol situation and are working with me to address these problems without having to take those “nationally advertised prescription medicines” that are extremely scary to me and had been recommended to me in the past.

I admit I have been frustrated with a number of health professionals and I am now so thankful to have found such a compassionate, knowledgeable, practical and supportive medical practitioner as you, Dr. Renard. I deeply respect and admire you and the work you do and I look forward to even better health in the years to come.

-Rebecca B, Albuquerque, NM



Dear Dr. Renard,


I am so grateful for your wisdom and persistence with my care. I had been sick with persistent diarrhea since food poisoning in 2010. It has taken the last 6  years of healing organs that were fatigued-as well as my overwhelming fatigue and despair. I had never been sick in my life before- I felt so hopeless even though I am  nurse, and went to a doctor who was  gastro enterologist, he did not do much for my gut problems either.! Then I met you, Dr. Renard. With your multi level holistic approach my damaged gut has healed, my tapeworms and other parasites are gone, and I have you to thank for a quality of life I never thought I could have again.


Mary Jane M.


Forever Thanks to Dr. Renard

It has been a year since I started healing treatments with Dr. Renard. I am a nurse s grew up in my career with Western Medicine as my baseline. In 2010 I had developed lymphocytic colitis after a bout of food poisoning and survived 4 years with Prednisone, Dicyclmine etc.. In January of 2015 I ate something that was toxic and flipped into major colitis with constant diarrhea. I was sick and scared. I had lost 15 Lbs. in 3 weeks, couldn’t get out of bed or away from the toilet.

Dr. Renard was recommended, I was desperate and skeptical but nothing else had worked, I went. She literally CARED me to this healing place I am in. She treated body mind and spirit with dignity, respect and love. I have quality of life now. I am able to do my yoga, walk dogs, attend art groups, eat without fear, and celebrate each day. 

MJM Albuquerque

For almost 8 agonizing years I dealt with a chronic pain in my neck area behind and under my left ear that radiated to encompass that entire side of my head including my eye.  After many x-rays, tests, MRI's, Doctors and Specialists, there seemed to be no explanation or much relief even with many different drugs. I felt as if it was my 'lot' to endure this pain for the rest of my life.  The pain was stressful although I managed to cope with it during the day but the anxiety of facing night times were the worst ~  the pain was relentless and I was getting little to no sleep. I lost weight and was so exhausted that I could no longer continue with my normal activities ~ I had no quality of life left. It not only affected me but my family and friends ~ those nearest and dearest to me.

My wonderful frustrated husband said "enough"!!! The powers that be led him to find Dr. Viviane Renard!!!

After just 7 treatments in 5 weeks from this amazing Doctor, I am FINALLY pain free! No more drugs with their many side effects!  I have my energy back and now remembering how good it feels to be alive! I feel like 'myself' again!  I've even gained a few needed pounds. My family and friends are relieved and cannot believe the difference in such a short amount of time!  A friend in Florida even noticed it in my voice on the telephone! My new Family Practitioner noticed a marked change and couldn't believe how great I looked after not seeing her for a month!

No one should ever suffer needlessly in pain! NO ONE!

I will continue to return for maintenance as might be needed. After seeing my turnaround, my loving husband has made an appointment for treatment of his long time RLS.  We both feel confident that Dr. Renard can help and have faith in her abilities since she is also a RN and understands diagnosis, medical reports, lab work etc.

Thank you Dr. Renard! Thank you for giving me my life back! Your genuine caring and honest approach in treating the entire body and soul seems to be a rare commodity these days.  You will forever be my  'go to'  Healer!

Shay Rose,  Albuquerque NM

I came to Dr. Renard for my neuropathy in my legs that I have had for many years and getting worse. After 5 Acupuncture treatments and the supplements she gave for  my deficiencies, we are on the right track because I had a 50 % improvement and the bonus is: I have smoked cigars for fifty plus years. In the first few acupuncture treatments I noticed a decrease in desire to smoke and after 5 acupuncture treatments from Dr. Renard I now have no more urge to smoke. I have given my humidor and expensive cigars all away. I am smoke free. Thank you for your help  Dr. Renard. What a bonus that I did not expect!

Bill Clithero, Alb. NM.

Dear Dr. Renard,

I had a small stroke a few years ago. It was through my brother in Albuquerque, that he made me fly out to Albuquerque and met you a few years ago and I am so happy because I truly believe that you saved my life and health. You took care of my blood pressure and my fatigue and feeling weak. You guided us in our nutrition and exercise.
My husband and I are eating so healthy now, fresh fruits and vegetables; he went on the juicing diet, and discovered the healthy way to eat.
I am thrilled because I have always eaten that way. I think it will give us the best way to approach the latter years. We are both exercising and eating healthy.

Blessings for all that you do and all the people you help.

I thank you with all my heart.

CD, Mc Kinney, Texas


I am a Scientist and was diagnosed in 2004 with a brain tumor. My team and I were all sent to Chernobyl to assess the radioactive  leakage and we were all exposed to radiation. My whole team has already died.  In the meantime and I got chemo for the last 10 years. Doctor Renard has been talking to me for the last 4 years about some treatment she could help me with. But I was so ingrained with Western Medicine that I put her off. I was put on permanent disability earlier this year.

Dr. Renard came to  my birthday celebration just recently and I was in very bad shape. She saw how I had deteriorated and supported me holding my arm while walking with me.  I could barely walk. I  had slurred speech, drop foot and many other side effects from the chemo.  I was spending my life on the couch, withering away, I couldn’t do anything, in spite of taking Ritalin for energy  I was so very fatigued.

I told Dr. Renard, Western medicine was maxed out on me and they my Doctors told me did not have any more options. I was feeling I was going down fast. I told Dr. Renard, I was READY for her protocol. She put me on her protocol and within 2 weeks  I was seeing and feeling a difference. I was getting more energy and I stopped the Ritalin. Now  1 month on the supplement, I have been able to cook breakfast for my family which I was unable to do since August 2013 and I went on a fishing trip with many stops and long distances, doing well and enjoying  it.  Dr. Renard, I feel like a NEW man! I have energy and quality of life back and I can go places, doing things and enjoying life again. What you gave me is FANTASTIC.

Thank you so much for being there for me , you gave me HOPE!!

JZ, San Diego, Cal.

hopeless with gallbladder problems: I was six months pregnant and suffering the recent loss of my father when I was first told that I possibly had gallstones. I slept for 2 months on the couch to get a little bit more comfort and my husband, he abandoned the bed, slept next to me because he was so afraid something bad was going to happen to me. Several months later followed by depression, anxiety, many panic attacks and gallbladder attacks along with multiple hospital and Doctor visits, they all kept telling me the same thing “that nothing was physically wrong with me, which made me feel even more worse because I thought maybe they were right and that I was just going crazy. They finally did an ultrasound which confirmed that I did in fact had gallstones. The only option I was given was that I needed to have surgery and my gallbladder taken out. I was terrified and refused to go under the knife. After hours of searching on the internet for some kind of light at the end of my dark tunnel, I had an emotional breakdown. I cried and asked God to please direct me in the right direction, to someone- anybody that would not only listen, but give me more than 5 minutes of their time. At that exact moment I saw Dr. Renard’s website. I read her biography along with testimonials and thanked GOD because he not only heard me, but he also led me to find this amazing woman. My first visit was an emotional one because I was dealing with so much for so long with nobody who would listen to me. Dr. Renard had so much care and compassion in her eyes when I spoke to her and she was the first Doctor who genuinely listen to me. When you are physically and mentally at the end of your rope, you feel hopeless and nothing you do or say is going to change that.  Dr. Renard not only gave me hope, but took the time to show me that there is another way to heal. I am still seeing her and am happy to say because of the supplements and special  diet she put me on, I have not had any gallbladder attacks and my anxiety and panic attacks are almost non-existent, overall feeling great. I improved after her first treatment with the diet modifications and supplements 90% in the first 2 weeks. I am grateful to her and thank God for putting this very special woman in my life. “Thank you Dr. Renard, not only for giving me my life back, but also for your love, kindness, caring and compassion. I will ALWAYS be grateful.

CM, Westside of Albuquerque.


I had severe fatigue, digestion problems. I came to Dr. Renard  exhausted, with an energy level “1” from (1-10 with 10 as the best energy.) I could barely make the 4 hour trip to Dr. Renard’s clinic and my husband drove me  to Albuquerque.  All I could do was sleeping in the truck.

After the initial interview and examination, Dr. Renard gave me a acupuncture treatment and sent me home with target specific supplements. I was so deficient in many things, no wonder I could barely function. I am a wife, a mom and taking care of 5 kids and working. On the way back home, another 4 hours I felt more energized and amazingly I did not fall asleep. My digestion has been much better and my energy took a 180 degree turn for the better.

Wow, Dr. Renard, you gave me hope, I can have a life again and do my work.

Thank you so much for all your care, kindness and nutritional guidance. You are awesome.

JV, Portales


My wife  had several issues with digestion, bowel movements, sleep and anxiety.   When she gets some of these episodes she feels weak, her arms go limp and has a strange sensation in her head. She went to many doctors and had all the tests done under the sun and we were told that there was nothing wrong with her. We were very discouraged as we both were suffering from her condition, not knowing what was wrong, even though there was something wrong!!
She has been seeing Dr. Renard now for 4 months. After just a few treatments and the right supplements that Dr. Renard prescribed, my wife had major improvements by 95% and is now going to Dr. Renard for maintenance.  


RC Belen.

First and foremost I need to praise Dr. Renard for her accurate and compassionate level of care she has provided to me over the past year.

I am a 50 year old Caucasian male who was diagnosed by surgical thoracotomy biopsy of having a condition called Sarcoidosis, without going into an extensive medical dictionary breakdown of this condition, I was shocked to learn that the many health issues I have been plagued with are secondary to the Sarcoidosis.  The most evident and problematic condition I have had to deal with is fatigue to the point of exhaustion, previous Physicians have told me that I have Hypogonadism or (male menopause) caused by a very low testosterone blood levels.

Thanks to Dr. Renard and her insight and prescription of a wonderful life changing herbal supplement, it has made an enormous impact on my overall energy level and sense of well being.

I strongly support this supplement for any man who is suffering for low testosterone levels.  I also recommend Dr. Renard to anyone who is in need of quality care, especially when you may have or currently do feel that your primary Physician is not getting the job done. 

Belen, NM



For years I have suffered from bad allergies. We live on a farm among the dust, cotton, corn and onions fields.

We love farm life but my allergies became so bad, prescription meds and over the counter meds  did not work anymore . I had spent a lot of time and money in frustration.

My daughter and son in law who are both patients of Dr. Renard told me I had to come up to Albuquerque and meet with Dr. Renard, which I did.

Dr. Renard worked with my deficiencies, my nutrition  and put me on some supplements and herbs and her natural allergy supplement.

Wow,  in spite of the drought we had in New Mexico this year, living amidst the dust in the fields,  the smoke of the fires,

this is the first summer that I was able to work on the farm and live my life without suffering from my allergies. Everybody in the fields was troubled by the dust and allergies and I was able to function without my usual problems.

Dr. Renard, you changed my life around, my allergies are under control and my energy is optimal, I can function again and do the work I need to do.


Thank you so much for helping me restore my energy and my health, life is good.

Forever grateful,

PB, La Mesa,( Las Cruces)



I was having a bad weight problem, no energy, due to Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. The endocrinologist said my thyroid might have to be destroyed. I saw Dr. Renard, she did blood work and found out the synthetic  thyroid meds were not helping at all. With acupuncture and natural meds I began to lose weight and my energy returned! I have lost 28 lbs. and my Hashimoto's antibodies  have decreased tremendously. So far  I  feel like I did 15 years ago! My thyroid is almost back to normal. Thank you Dr. Renard, you are brilliant!

GC New Mexico.


Dr. Renard CHANGED my life.

I have been plagued with chronic fatigue syndrome for almost 40 years, along with chronic anxiety and heart palpitations. I worked with another alternative provider for over 20 years with little change., and he “gave up on me”. Western medicine did not have much to offer besides lots of “chemicals, to mask my symptoms. For the past 10 months I have been treated by Dr. Renard who dug to the root of the cause with lab analysis, and her herbal and supplements regime for deficiencies and acupuncture treatments, and what an exciting change!

My heart is normal, anxiety greatly reduced and I have lots more energy and am enjoying everyday.

She is brilliant, kind and so professional.

Merci beaucoup Dr. Renard!

M.A. New Mexico


All my life, I worked hard and played hard

I had many accidents, being thrown off of bulls, horses, 4 wheelers, you name it. And my shoulders and arms took the brunt of it.

I came to Dr. Renard because she had healed my wife’s shoulder and arm so well.

No previous doctor’s treatments were effective for me, including a chiropractor specialized in shoulder problems.  Doctors were talking about surgery which I refused. I needed pain relief with my arm, the pain was so bad, tears rolled over my face and I was losing sleep. I could not tuck my shirt in my pants or comb my hair.  So Dr. Renard sent me for a X-ray and the report was grim, there was a lot of scar tissue.

Dr. Renard did some acupuncture on me, she put me on a tonic and some natural capsules and wow, after 10 days I had 50% improvement. Now after 6 weeks on the supplements, at age 73, I can work again, lift heavy rolls of carpet, feed my cattle, and comb my hair.

Look! I can lift my arm and tuck my shirt in my pants. I have 85 % improvement and the pain is practically gone.

Every day when I drink my tonic and take my capsules I think about you, Dr. Renard.

May you heal many more people.

We are so blessed to have you in Belen.

Thank you Dr. Renard for giving my life back! I CAN WORK AGAIN!!

Eddy A, Belen


Years ago I had an accident with my arm in a conveyer belt and my arm was very bad and painful for many years, I could hardly work, I could not use it or lift up my arm or make a circle.

I have been getting treatments from Dr. Renard for some years in the beginning on a regular basis and now on a maintenance schedule, including her cold laser treatments and supplements, I can move my arm freely and work whatever I have to do. Sometimes with the weather changes especially rain, I can feel my arm is more sore. I could be a good weatherman.:-)

Thank you Dr. Renard for releasing me from the pain and getting my arm back to full use.

You are wonderful!

J. G. Los Lunas


Around the holidays a few years ago, I ended up 3 times in the ER thinking, with chest pains and feeling terrible thinking I was having a heart attack. With all the test they did on me, I was sent home because they could not find anything wrong, my heart was normal.

I was frustrated, I still did not feel good.

Shortly after that I met Dr. Renard and got treatments from her. She had a suspicion that I had gallbladder problems pointing towards gallstones, which she started treating me for. She also recommended strongly I should get an Ultrasound of my Gallbladder which I did and yes, BINGO, I had gallbladder stones. I did not want to go under the knife.

Dr. Renard implemented special gallbladder supplements and acupuncture treatments to dissolve the stones and she also helped me change my diet and I have been fine since.

Thank you Dr. Renard for saving me from surgery and going into the hospital and you also helped me with my blood pressure with your herbal yellow blood pressure pills.

TN. Bosque Farms, NM

Recently, another ultrasound for checking out gallstones reported that I did not have gallstones.

Thank you Dr. Renard for working with me on my diet, with the supplements and treatments you gave me, all my old gallstones are dissolved, the natural way!”

I am so pleased!

TN, Bosque farms.



Last June 2010, my 45 yr. old son in Oklahoma was told by his doctor he had 5 yrs to live because of bad cardiac disease. 2 months later, in August 2010, he saw his cardiologist who told my son he had till December 2010, because his heart was so bad and his blood pressure they treated him with 5 Western blood pressure medications could not bring the blood pressure down. The doctor was talking about drilling holes in his heart to relieve the pressure. But December was his due date to die. I was desperate as a mother.

At the same time I was treated by Dr. Renard. I sent my son the Pro Argi 9 Plus powder and BP herbal pills from Dr. Renard and told my son to take these. We had nothing to lose at this point, I wanted to keep my son alive.

He quit smoking overnight (something nobody could convince him earlier all this time) and he start complying with what I told him, taking the powder and the herbal pills.

He had another visit with his doctor in the late fall and they were surprised his BP came down, so they took him of the Western meds and he did not need holes drilled in his heart.

He is still alive and now we’re almost March 2011. He is planning on coming to New Mexico to visit the family and his mother and Dr. Renard and the folks who prayed for him.

Thank you Dr, Renard for your help and professionalism and giving us all hope.

Mother of B in Oklahoma.



Dr. Renard saved my life when my blood pressure shut through the roof. She took care of me with her natural BP pills and my BP is great great.
Then recently I maxed out all the Western doctor’s prescription for my allergies which were ineffective and the over the counter drugs did not help me either. I was throwing away my money and still felt miserable.
With tearing eyes and feeling very bad from the allergies I was on the end of my rope, Dr. Renard gave me an “all natural allergy” supplements and in a few hours it started to work,  It worked better than anything I have used before.
I am so much better now, my allergies are taken care of and wow, I can’t believe how good this stuff works.
Thank you Dr. Renard, you saved my life again!

I am a believer in your healing approaches.

KN, Belen



Dr. Renard, my husband and I are now 5 weeks away from our daughter’s birth.  She is due on Feb 9, 2011. 

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for making her possible.  I feel you gave me the strength to move forward and heal from my surgery and loss I suffered at that time.  I think I was stuck on that moment and could not move forward.  I guess I felt that I was being punished by GOD and there was not going to be any happiness for me to look forward to.  After acupuncture treatment and the talks you had with me changed my outlook in life and it has been detected by everyone who surrounds me.  You gave me the strength to find inner peace and with that I was able to move forward, I got pregnant!.

 I am so happy with my baby to be born, I know it will be a life changing experience with happiness.

 Wish I could find the words worthy of giving you thanks for all you have done for us.

 You were truly a GOD sent angel. Thank you,

A. U, Belen


What has impressed me about Dr. Renard, in addition to her professional competence and wisdom, is her kind and caring manner. She has helped me greatly with my hypertension in her suggestion I try an herbal remedy and I've now been able to drop the strongest of my prescription medications. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody.

P.N. Socorro, NM




When I started getting acupuncture treatments from Dr. Renard, I was at about the lowest point in my life I had ever been.  I hurt, I was fatigued, overwhelmed, felt awful, and I had just about lost any hope about getting better.  All my MD seemed to know how to do was have my thyroid checked again.  Dr. Renard started working with me--weekly acupuncture treatments and various supplements--and gradually I started feeling better.  My treatments became every two weeks, and then every three weeks or a month.  The herbal supplements have worked wonders and I feel good most of the time.  Now I am functioning again.  I seldom feel overwhelmed and I have a positive outlook on my life and my pain levels are now very minor forces in my life. Her patience and persistence in finding the appropriate mix of treatments and supplements for my conditions is terrific. 

 SF Los Lunas, NM

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Renard for several years now. I had a problem with high blood pressure but didn't

want to take the chemical medications because of the side effects so I consulted Dr. R. and was told about  the herbal formula in her practice that her patients has great success with, no side effects and very inexpensive and safe. Well it works like a

 charm and has ever since. My blood pressure stays at a constant level ( a perfect one I might add ).

One other problem  I recently developed was high cholesterol and despite good diet and exercise I couldn't get my numbers

down. Again Dr. Renard recommended a supplement and after a while worked also, and now my cholesterol is in check too.'

My Primary Care Physician keeps asking what I am doing and when I tell him about the natural supplements and herbs, he says keep it up, its working !!

Thank you Dr. Renard for allowing people to see that chemical, manmade drugs are not the only way to go. We can

get better results without harming our bodies even further. I applaud you.



Tucson, Arizona

As a diabetic I had been suffering with multiple health issues and my doctors keep saying to come back in 6 months or 1 year, even though I was feeling very bad, I felt like the life force was being sucked out of me, I was hurting, weak and many of my body systems were not working properly. It affected me in a bad way, unable to work, and functioning poorly, I was  preparing to leave this place. I had no motivation or any hope left. I was desperate, I felt I had arrived at Death’s door.

That was almost 4 years ago, till my wife made me to go see Dr. Renard. Dr. Renard’s holistic approach and her commitment for teamwork with me, and with her compassion, she got me back on track with her professional knowledge of health, herbs and nutrition, she got my body healthy and my life more balanced and I have been able to work and function and my pain is very minimal. I knew that my needed healing was not going to happen overnight as my condition was longstanding for years.  I went to Dr. Renard for weekly treatments and then after 6 months for biweekly,  then monthly for a few years. Now I am on a maintenance schedule. I thank her beyond words for her tenacious efforts for the health I enjoy now. We need more people like her in this world and that’s why, wherever I go I recommend Dr. Renard to everyone that is suffering.

Thank you Dr. Renard, for believing in me.

James G, Los Lunas




"Dr. Viviane Renard has saved my life. Dr. Renard is a caring person who cares about her patients.

Thank you Dr. Renard for saving my life.

Have a Blessed Day."

S.N., Los Lunas, NM

"I would like to thank you Dr Renard for getting my blood pressure down and keeping me off pharmaceutical drugs.
Your herbal remedies are terrific.  I used to think that acupuncture was a bunch of mumbo jumbo but I have told everybody I know that it works and I feel great as a result."

"Dr. Renard has a gentle yet directed and strong approach in her treatments. She is truly holistic in that she assesses the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of her patients. I feel more balanced after her treatments and my energy flows better. She is knowledgeable about supplements. I highly recommend her. "


"My roommate cant believe how much energy I have with ProArgi9! I go to the Gym for an hour come home paint the house and then off to the office to do 3 1/2 hours of massages till late in the eve.
  I feel a lot more energy in my core and I am less reliant on pain meds!
 Thanks Doctor Viv!"
  hugs! Greg

 "Dr. Renard enabled me to get off of the potential cancer causing and expensive Blood Pressure medicine Diovan. I  had taken it for about three years and I was not looking forward to taking it the rest of my life, her economical BP  herbs have worked well for me without any side effects, and now we are working on my diet and lifestyle to see if I can eliminate the herbs also. I am happy that with her personal guidance, the ProArgi9, more exercise and better diet, that I can have many more healthy years ahead. I always look forward to visiting her friendly clinic.

 I recommend everyone enjoy Viviane's  care"


Mark, Sandia Park, NM

"Thank you Dr. Renard, for GIVING  BACK MY LIFE!!

You found in a short time what was wrong with me, what doctors did not find out for years.

You are not only a great listener and a great diagnostician, but your treatments and your calming presence, and the herbs and supplements you gave me, helped me tremendously and I feel sooo much better. I highly recommend you to everybody I meet.

Forever grateful and happy that I’ve met you."

Be blessed, R.

















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